Prefects Body

The Role of the prefects Entails:
  • The maintaining of discipline
  • Co-ordinating the network of prefect responsibilities.
  • Ensuring that prefects do their jobs of instilling discipline in the general student body.
  • Developing in students an attitude of patriotism and loyalty to the school.
  • Ensuring a good relationship between the student body and the student leaders.
  • Ensuring that the House Captains do their job and help them in any way possible.
  • Serving as one with whom their fellow students can identify by displaying admirable qualities.
  • Being aware of their behaviour at all times, as they are the school’s major ambassadors.
  • Representing students’ concerns to the school administration.
  • Meeting with the Patron regularly to discuss issues, which impact the student body and the vision and direction of the school.
Types of Prefects
  • Head and Deputy head prefects
  • Head and Deputy head girls
  • Academic prefects
  • Protocol prefects
  • Disciplinary prefect
  • House prefects
  • Mess prefects
  • Chapel prefects
  • Sports prefects
  • Sanitary prefects
  • Entertainment prefects
  • Furniture prefects
  • Time keepers

current prefects body

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