Mengo Senior School Deputies

Mengo Senior School has five Deputy Headteachers serving in different offices.

Deputy Academics

About The Position: 

The Deputy-in-charge of Academics is responsible for the quality of academics and co-curricular activities in the school.
She oversees the effective study skills programme, monitors academic progress and manages staff and academic programmes in the school.

Deputy Finance

About The Position: 

He is responsible for the Finances of the school. This office is currently headed by Mr Ssemakula Badru Idris Fredrick. He supervises and takes lead in organizing school functions, monitors and enforces discipline, responsible for Public Relations and he heads the school diplomacy committee.

The various deputies are assisted by deans at various levels within the school.

Deputy Welfare

About The Position: 

The deputy in charge is responsible for students and staff meals, Child protection concerns, organizing of school events and overseeing the work of the school caterer and ground staff.

Our Subjects

Technical Drawing
Wood Work
Clothing & Textile
Music etc...

Christian Religiuos Education
Islamic Religiuos Education etc..
English Language
GERMAN etc...

Mathematics etc...

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