Test and Exams

The school tests the learners three times per term.  The students thus sit for three sets of exams which include;
1. Beginning of term (BOT)
2. Middle of Term (MOT)
3. End of Term (EOT) exams.

The three sets contribute 25%, 25% and 50% respectively to the termly report issued to the students at the end of each term.  In all cases, the exams set are to the required standard of testing in the school and are graded based on the school’s grading system.  The exams include written, aural and practical exams as well as coursework assignments in some subjects. 

Despite the big numbers, the school is able to run all sets of exams in the shortest time possible with no exam malpractices.  The examiners also mark, return and revise the scripts before the next exam is sat.  Holiday package tests are also given to some groups of students at the end of each term.  However, these do not contribute the end of term marks.


To be at the helm of producing competent human resources to serve the Church , State and the World


To provide quality Education through Practical skills, Teamwork, Self-reliance and produce God fearing persons

Core Values

Fearing God,
Respect of persons and Property

Theme for 2017

“Those who fear God will do great and mighty things: daniel 11:32"

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