Class monitors play a great role in the management of students at stream level. Being a mixed school, each stream chooses a boy and a girl who work as monitors. They are selected through a fair process by members of a stream with the guidance of a Class teacher.

Class monitors are headed by a Head monitor who is recognised as a prefect in the school. Depending on ones performance and popularity, some class monitors last even up to 4 years. This means that they all do their best to keep a performing class in all aspects of student life.
Class monitors control the class when a teacher is absent. They help in managing class affairs like cleaning, keeping class property, writing reports, discipline, collection of lesson text books among others. Class monitors are an important extension of the disciplinary structures of the school and even more important an extension of the school’s administration.

They are a direct reflection of the streams they lead and that is why they are chosen carefully and respected.