Mengo Senior School is dedicated to developing the total person mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. In addition to daily scheduled classes a variety of activities such as games, clubs and societies are offered to the students.

The overall rationale of these clubs and societies is to help develop optimally sharp persons. 


• To foster friendly relationships among the wide cross section of the school population. 

• To expose students to an extensive variety of sporting, academic and service club activities. 

• To instill a sense of belonging to a formal social group, while aiding the development of leadership skills and attitude among all students.

• Preparing students for the wider world so that they will be able to make valuable contributions within and outside their communities.  

The School has a number of Clubs and Societies as described below with their current patrons.

German Club:

The German Club promotes the interest of the language and culture through a more in-depth exploration of the German-speaking culture than what is given in the classroom. The Club normally celebrates the German week during the second term of the school year. While knowledge of German language is an added advantage, it is not a requirement for club membership. 

PatronMs. Kisakye Catherine

Geography Club:
The Geography Club is open to all Mengo students who enjoy geography. If you are interested in the people, places, and make-up of the world, this is the club for you. During the school year, the club offers study trips to various regions of the country to students taking the subject. 

PatronMs. Nanyanzi Harriet

Computer Club:

The Mengo Computer Club members are interested in learning more about computer science as it relates to hardware, software and networking. The main purpose of the group is to spread the use of computer resources to those who would otherwise be unable to be exposed to the World Wide Web and other software applications due to a lack of knowledge or financial resources. 

PatronMs. Banda Lucy Eva

Textile Club:

The Textile Club is a diverse group of both beginning and experienced members at sewing, weaving, knitting and fashion. All students are welcome to the club to learn how to knit, weave, sew, and stitch and to practice these skills. Together the members work on either personal or group projects. Members chose which projects they will make. 

PatronMs. Kagoya Jane

Math Club:

The Math Club is open to all interested students. Club membership provides students with an opportunity to interact collaboratively and competitively with other students interested in solving mathematical problems as well as participating in National Math contests. This enables interested students to engage in competition with students from several regional high schools. If you want to test your mathematical prowess and have fun at the same time, join the Math Club! 

PatronMr. Ssekibengo Richard

Art Club:

Members of the Art Club are taught to appreciate the visual and performing arts. They continually engage in activities that sharpen their skills. They are encouraged to be expressive and innovative thinkers while their activities reinforce the importance of teamwork and other values that apply to their general lives. 

Patron Mr. Lule Patrick Emmanuel

Science Club:

The undertaking of the Science club is to encourage and recognize the search for scientific knowledge at the School and among members of the surrounding scientific and civil communities. Members participate in one or more community service projects designed to promote this mission. 

Patron: Mrs. Murangira Annet Kyasiimire

Writers Club:

The Writer’s Club is a support group for students who are writing poetry, fiction, essays and plays. The club meets regularly to share ideas and to read aloud from works-in-progress. 

Patron: Mr. Wafula Iraneaus

Read and Discover (RAD) Club:

The RAD Club is open to all readers in the school community, and provides participants an opportunity to meet and discuss novels of their choice. Group members meet often to discuss the latest selection and choose the next book to be read. Students rotate the position of discussion leader for each new title. Anyone interested in participating can join the club at any time. 

Patron:  Ms. Nankya Prossy

Debating Club:

The Debating club aims at developing students’ general awareness, public speaking, argument and debating skills. As such, they host internal (Inter stream/class) and external debates and discussions centred on current affairs and engage in other activities such as training workshops. Currently the membership mainly consists of students from all classes. 

PatronMs. Nanteza Annet Reginah

MDD Club:

Performance of a high standard is the trademark of this Club. The group is in constant demand to perform at various School functions and organizing talent shows. 

PatronMr. Muteesasira Francis

Environmental Protection Club:

Dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of the environment. Activities include the plastic bottle collection drive, upkeep of the school’s gardens and flowers and projects with other environmental groups. 

Patron:  Mrs. Asiimwe Flavia Nansubuga

Scouts Club:

This club is affiliated with the World Association of Scouts and they take their motto “Be Prepared” seriously. Their collection of activities, local Camps, putting up the flags and offering additional service activities within the school especially at school functions. 

PatronMr. Wasswa Godfrey Matovu

Scripture Union Club:

You have never experienced this much fun and fellowship in Christ. Activities include participation during Chaplaincy activities like the Sunday family service, participating in the Choir, Bible study sessions and discussions. 

Patron:  Rev. Dunstan Kiwanuka Mazinga

Peer Counseling Club:

Peer Counsel is the term usually used when referring to the counselling of others in their own age group. This method of counselling has been found to be most effective in situations dealing with sexual behaviour, unhappiness, difficulties in relationships with adults – parents, guardians, teachers – concerning such matters as selection of friends, selection of clothes, homework, etc. This club trains and develops Peer Counsellors and members to listen and offer support and guidance to other students. All projects are geared towards helping others and positively influencing the school community. 

PatronMs. Kamutumba Grace

Wildlife Club:

Students are sensitized to the value of Wildlife to the country and the role each element of the wildlife can play in ensuring that the country remains the premier tourist destination. 

Patron:  Mrs. Tebandeke Anne

Other Clubs include

1. Boys and Girls Brigade 

2. Wood peckers club  

3. Red Cross Club