Mengo senior School

Beloved Students,

Praise the Lord! I pray this message finds you well. I take this golden opportunity to thank those who have spared some precious time to praise and worship God from the comfort of their homes and those that have been helpful at home.

Friends, we live in difficult and trying times. Covid-19 has taken a toll and claimed some of our loved ones. In the end, gloom, apathy and frustration have set in, leaving us at crossroads. Teenage pregnancies have skyrocketed and some of you have given up on education.

The good news is that we shall win over this Covid-19 monster if we put our trust in God. Therefore, be in charge of your life and say NO to early sex. In this critical stage of growth and development, your body is undergoing so many changes, and there are so many temptations even on social media. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so do not give in to these temptations.

God has given us the opportunity to bond with our parents more closely. Let us entrust them with our fears and ask them questions about life and body changes instead of asking social media or strangers.  Listen to your parents because they have your best interests at heart.

They have sacrificed a lot for you up to this moment. Pray for them that God continually gives them the ability to cater for you. Remember the mistakes you make today will forever define your life. Take your academics seriously by reading your books in an organized way, and you will reap what you will have sown.

The most vital sacrifice we can make is in ourselves. Read hard and be up-to-date with all the work you have received on the e-site.

Despite the gloom of Covid-19, I believe that you and your parents have discovered in this lockdown, what your non-academic potentials are, those abilities for which you don’t usually have time to exploit because of the busy school schedule. I pray that you use them well to God’s glory and He will in turn bless you abundantly.

As students of Mengo Senior School, we expect you to be an embodiment of change in your community. Be exemplary and optimistic. Many life lessons are learnt from the failures we experience rather than the successes.

So love what you do as long as you are helping humanity and exercise a high degree of discipline and cleanliness. Continue observing the Standard Operating Procedures lest you fall to COVID-19. Respect and fear your parents, guardians and elders. Respect your body.

Be that person who will say NO to smoking, abusing drugs or drinking alcohol.   Respect God, always make some time for Him every day and entrust Him with all that concerns you.

 Finally, do not let frustration take control of you. Remember every cloud has a silver lining and light can be seen at the end of the tunnel.

In the spirit of Akwana Akira Ayomba, be blessed.

Mrs. Annie Wandyaka.

Dean Lower School.