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Warm greetings from the Middle school!

The Middle school constitutes two classes; Senior 3 and Senior 4, and like the other sections, it is staffed by the Dean and two-Year Heads, each being in charge of a particular year/ class.

It is always a great achievement for these students to cross from Senior 2 to Middle school, as this comes with a change of Uniform from Khaki skirts and shorts to Beige Shorts and skirts that make them really feel the change of level, not to mention a reduction in the number of subjects from 18 of lower school to 10 subjects that they finally sit for at UCE.

As an office, it is our responsibility to scrutinize the subject choices made by our students on top of the compulsory 7 subjects and this is done basing on each student’s performance in those particular subjects as well as their future career prospects. Our intervention in this exercise reduces the pressure from students who may want to influence their peers to do similar subjects out of fun, and also regulates parents’ desires for their children to study subjects that the parents desire even when they are not of the children’s ability and interest.

We engage strict disciplinary measures on top of regular counseling to ensure that we tame these adolescents to keep them focused on their studies. As you may all be aware, this stage is characterized by biological growth and development, increased peer pressure, undefined status- hence the need to discover themselves and increased need by these children to make decisions, some of which may be undesirable. We always encourage them to communicate and as such give us constructive feedback.

In order to nurture our students, each of the Senior 4 candidates is encouraged to choose a teacher to act as their parent while at school. The teacher- parents counsel, guide, mentor and help the learners in their different “families” focus academically as well as influence their social behaviour. We encourage the teacher-parents to contact the biological parents of these children whenever need arises.

We always believe that whatever we target to achieve can be done if everyone plays their part.

In the spirit of Akwana Akira Ayomba.

Paul Steven Musoke,

Dean Middle School.


Middle School Students