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Greetings from the Upper School Office!

The Dean Upper School Office is gifted with the responsibility of working with two A-level classes of Senior 5 and 6. It is run by a team of five members comprising, the Dean and Four (4) Year Heads i.e. Year Head S.5 Arts, Year Head S.5Science, Year Head S.6Arts and the Year Head S.6Science. This helps us ensure that all student’s needs are met, not only academically but also socially.

Currently, we offer a total of 34 subject combinations, out of which 16 are Science combinations while 18 are Arts combinations. These combinations are offered to students on Merit. However, combinations offered may change for different years depending on the admission requirements in the different universities and other tertiary institutions of learning.

Being A-level, we handle students between the ages 16 and 19 years from different social and academic backgrounds. These are Young Adults with a lot of conflicting interests in life that need a lot of guidance and counseling. Therefore, we do not only emphasize Academic excellence but also ensure that we build their self-management skills and personal accountability as we prepare them to the face this highly competitive world after high school.

Doing A-level in Mengo Senior School is always a dream come true for many of our students, as it exposes them to the best academic and social environment. They have caring and committed teachers in the different subjects, build social capital as they get to meet thousands of fellow students from different backgrounds and with diverse dreams, which also gives them an advantage.

As upper school, it is our belief that every student should be provided with opportunities to pursue their passions, build dynamic careers and provide the impetus for their future development. We therefore aim to ensure that all our learners leave Mengo Senior School with the required qualifications to join higher institutions.

Indeed the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to end. Lamentations 3:22


Upper School Students

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