Mengo senior School, kiwanuka sam mengo senior school

I bring you warm greetings from the Welfare Office!

The Welfare Department handles the well being of both the staff and students of Mengo Senior School. The Deputy in charge, reporting to the Head teacher, works with

  1. The Store Manager
  2. The Procurement Officer
  3. The Chaplain
  4. The School Nurses
  5. The School Caterer
  6. The School Chef
  7. The cooks

The department deals with the following the following aspects:

1.Procurement of Supplies and Services

This is done by the Procurement Officer under the supervision of the Deputy Head teacher in charge of Welfare and the Head teacher, following the guidelines of Uganda Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority.

2. Management of the Procured Supplies

This is done by the Store Manager to ensure that the right quantity and quality of the procured supplies are delivered on time, recorded, well stored and readily signed for by the users.

3. Preparation and Serving of the Staff and students’ Meals.

Our Kitchen Department prepares and serves a hot, nutritious and healthy meal for lunch to the students and staff.

The staff is also served with break tea. We also provide free clean, safe and hygienic drinking water to the staff and students.

4. Health

The school has a well furnished Sickbay managed by two qualified Medical Nurses who ably deal with the health challenges of our students and staff while at school.

Some advanced medical challenges which cannot be handled by our medical team are referred to Hospitals such as Mengo, Mulago at the expense of the parents.

5. Counseling of Staff and Students

The school has a counseling Bureau headed by the School Chaplain and composed of the Senior man and Senior woman. From time to time, students and teachers are given guidance talks and individual counseling services too are offered.

6. Chaplaincy

The school has a well furnished St. John’s Chapel, whose activities are run and supervised by the chaplaincy team and headed by the School Chaplain. We strive inculcate in our learners the fear of God which is our first core value.

7. School Uniform Management

In addition to procuring the students’ uniform, the Welfare Department ensures proper labeling and serving of the uniform to the students.  

We are grateful to God who gives us the strength to work and serve Him as well as influence students in a profitable way. May God bless you all.

Kiwanuka Samuel