head teacher mengo senior school, grace ssebanakitta

Beloved of God,

It is an honor and great privilege to write to you yet again. I sympathize and emphasize with those who have lost dear ones and all who are bereaved in one way or another. I also take this opportunity to congratulate those who have been able to register different forms of successes.

As we end the lent season and term, and prepare to celebrate Easter- the Risen Lord, I want to salute all those who have taken this season seriously. I am certain you made great reflections.

We have listened to many people and many voices! We have read more materials! Watched many movies etc but the only person we have not been able to listen to is our selves! When the prodigal son listened to himself there was transformation in his life.

As we celebrate our Easter holidays let’s ponder the respect of time. Respect for time encompasses all of us, teachers, students, parents and it impacts directly on our destiny.

“Time is money” goes the old adage because success is tied to how wisely we invest in time.

Time is success; those who don’t know how to make proper use of time can accidentally stumble into success but time is an asset of quality, what you do with time determines your destiny. Some people have said time is life, so, when you waste time you are actually wasting your life.

Time manifests in lifestyles, those that respect it and vice versa. We are urged to stop spending time but rather start to invest it! Time spenders are wasters, when you make most of your time you are making most of your life

Poverty is tied to time usage and discipline (Proverbs 20:13). Quite often in Africa, we seem to arrive late whether at a simple meeting or scientific discovery and this explains our continued lamentation. What we need to do in all our endeavors is to get a breakthrough and to give our endeavors the time they desire and we will be good to go.

No one on Planet Earth has enough time, we all have to make it, investing in time gives colour to destiny! The poor and the rich have this one thing in common, they both have the same 24 hours a day!

Bill Gates observes “It’s not your mistake to be born poor but it will be your mistake if you die poor” or if you come from a poor family please ensure you don’t create another! These statements reflect on time usage and they urge us to be mindful of time in all aspects.

Dr Robert Schuller in his book Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do observes “There will never be another now….l’ll make the most of today. There will never be another me…..l’ll make the most of myself.” These observations remind us that time is a non-renewable resource which we must guard jealously as we strive to excel.

It’s important to note you cannot stop time but what you eventually become is simply a product of how you manage time and change.

‘Observe the commands of the Lord your God, walking in His ways and revering Him.’Deut.8:6

Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter.

Nantagya Grace Ssebanakitta