head teacher mengo senior school, grace ssebanakitta

Dear readers,

Greetings! May the grace of our Lord be upon us all!

I wish to write about the issue of talking to self, speaking to your mind or preaching to yourself.

As education institutions we have been offered another opportunity to engage our learners in a physical environment rather than the virtual arrangements we have been having since the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic.

As teachers, non-teaching staff, learners, all other stakeholders we need to appreciate God who has given us the opportunity to get back in school.

Everyone has been grossly affected by the pandemic- students, teachers and parents! But we must exist and learn to work amidst the numerous challenges.

Being human, we will want to listen to what others say, ask for their opinion, seek their advice, benchmark colleagues and institutions…move with herds or groups, but talking to self will be even better. It gives you an opportunity to do a personal reflection.

Walk back a bit, alone on a journey where the Lord has you got and plan to move on strategically. It has been different for everyone so you cannot say you will bounce back like the other. You have had different valleys, pits, mountains… so your strategy to overcome can only be yours.

You have your own story from your Egypt.

As you talk to yourself, be positive. Assure yourself that you shall overcome whatever the situation. The God who has fished us from grass to grace is still the same God. He forgives our sins if we repent for a contrite heart is what He desires. Let us be willing to change and not keep in our different ‘Egypts’. Let us be forward looking. Our God is ready to heal us.

We are in our February, let us take a step at a time. Be sure footed!


“Observe the commands of the Lord our God, walking in His ways and revering Him.Deut.8:6”


God bless you all

Nantagya Grace Ssebanakitta