Mengo senior School Head Teacher

Dear Readers,

God is good!… At a time such as this, it may be hard for us to acknowledge God’s goodness in our lives but God is still good even in the hard times. Allow me to share with you this message on Hope. 

Hope is the feeling that what you want can happen or that events will turn out best. It is to believe or desire to place trust. If you don’t have hope, then you’re hopeless. Without hope life loses meaning (lamentations 3:18). Hope drives us through tough times in anticipation of a better future.

What you are going through may be so hard but it does not matter. Do not hurt, over comers are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It may be midnight at noon in your life, but morning will come. The noise of war and the surging storm in your life will also come to pass. Tomorrow will eventually come, hung in there, it will definitely come.

So many times things happen to us and we feel like giving up. We are often reminded that there are no jobs in the Economy, you are told over and over again that the combination you are doing is useless!! Fees may be contributed by distant relatives and friends but don’t lose heart.

You may be the least privileged in the group, the village guy, the poor one, don’t worry! You have the potential to be
better than what you are today. The education you’re pursuing has a capacity to change your status. Your education will empower you to stand tall.

Hope is a firm assurance regarding things that are unclear and unknown to you. (Romans 8:24 -25). Each one of us can be great if we desire it passionately. Your neighbour’s potential may currently be unclear, but in them are Presidents, Bishops, Doctors, Teachers, Commercial farmers, and powerful women and men flying their personal jets. It is your responsibility to paint a clear picture of your future which will give you the necessary resilience to march on into the Promised Land.

Your firm assurance is not to give up, continue moving, continue pushing, pursue it, and go for it. Do not listen to or be bogged down by the many negative voices. Those just want to pull you down to be like them. Navigate your dream to the end.
When God is on your side, who then can be against you in achieving your goals?

Finally, as Christians we have an assured hope that one day we will see our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ face to face. Are you part of that living hope?

The steadfast love the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end. (Lamentations 3:22)

May God bless you!

John Fred Kazibwe,
Head Teacher.