Mengo senior School academic performance

UACE 2021 Performance

On behalf of the Head teacher and entire Administration, I write to thank you all for your contribution towards wonderful UACE performance.
We were able to get
  • 6 students with 20 points
  • 9 students with 19 points
Mengo senior School Gwalamubisi Eriya PEM 20
Mengo senior School Antangaize Blessed Baguma PMTD 20
Mengo senior School Akampa Martin PEM 20
Mengo senior School Bandonda Evas PEM 20
Mengo senior School Muwonge Clovis Cleopas K PMGer 20
Mengo senior School Namutebi Jolly Joyce PEM 20
The faithful love of the Lord never ends, His mercies never cease . Lam 3:22

5 Comments to “UACE 2021 Performance”

  1. Congratulations . Thanks be to the almighty.

    1. Thank you!We bless the Lord.

  2. This is very impressive and I pray that my son be considered to study his S5 here. I applied on as early as 12th, Aug.2021 we really like the school given its reputation and background.

  3. Very encougaging results, thank you so much for the wonderful work.

    1. You are welcome sir!

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