Mengo senior School

Greetings from the alumni of this great school.

The Mengo Old Students Association is an association that brings together all the alumni of Mengo Senior School in order to have organised feedback from the school and also find a way of giving back to our school. It started as Mengo Central Old Boys Club since then the school was for only boys. With the admission of the girl child, it had to change to MOSA to suit both sexes.

Currently, the Association is led by a president who holds a two-year term unless re-elected. He works with a vice president, secretary, treasurer, publicity secretary, investment officer and the different officers who represent the various year clusters.

As per the Constitution, one is supposed to subscribe for membership. The three types of membership include;

  1. Student or Bronze membership. This is for on-going school children and adults and it goes for ten thousand (10.000shs) annually
  2. Silver or working class membership is for adults who are working and out of school and it is paid annually with fifty thousand (50.000shs).
  3. Life membership or platinum is paid once and for all and it goes for five hundred thousand shillings (500.000shs).

Payment is made to the treasurer either on the Association’s bank account or mobile money account.

There are quite a number of projects that we are running as an association and these include;

  1. An Alumni scholarship Program where we have one student in the school
  2. Erection of the pavilion at the school playground
  3. Contribution towards the chapel pews and,
  4.  A solar powered sign post for the association within the school.

As part of publicity and expansion of the Association, we came up with the idea of reviving the MOSA University link and with this the Association inaugurated GUMOSA which is Gulu University Mengo old students Association. We thank the Gulu students for the hardwork and the love for being an “Akwana”. The executive also meets regularly but through a virtual arrangement.

We also had the first ever Mengo Elite League(MEL) which brought together a number of the Old Students. The event is annual but due to the Covid situation, we have had to put it on hold. We encourage as many as can to be a part of this social activity. Almuni dinners too are being organized. We thank all those old Mengonians who have gone back to their school and contributed in one way or another.

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May God bless you all!

“Obunnammengo bwa lubeerera”

Jeremiah Mugerwa,

MOSA President.