Praise the Almighty God for His overwhelming goodness and His tender loving care, protection and guidance. Let me take the honor on behalf of the PTA Executive Committee, to express our gratitude to all parents/guardians and Organizations for paying fees and requirements of their children, without which the school cannot be well managed.

Great thanks to the Foundation body (BOG), PTA, Head teacher and entire staff for the job well done. Mengo S.S is now a school of every human being’s admiration. There is no doubt Mengo is the best Government Aided ‘A’Level Day secondary school and an academic giant in Uganda. The under listed are the members of the PTA Executive Committee

  Name Post
1 Mr. Mulindwa Sammy Mukasa Chairman
2 Mr. Benon Sebina Katumba Vice Chairman
3 Mr. Sserwanga Robert Treasurer
4 Ms. Jackie Mirembe Member
5 Mrs. Bekunda Fredian Member
6 Mr. Jjunju Arthur Member
7 Mr. Ssebwana Erisa Member
8 Ms. Kindiki Sarah Member
9 Mr. Kazibwe John Fred Secretary/Head teacher
10 All Deputies Assistant Secretary

Working with the Board of Governors, we pledge to do our best to make Mengo rise to even greater greater horizons. I wish to congratulate all parents who had candidates, teachers and the management upon the outstanding academic achievement both at ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels 2021. Glory be to God most high. The excellent results are a clear manifestation of the concerted effort and commitment of the stakeholders. Ladies and Gentlemen, the life that we go through is full of challenges that sometimes are a result of the choices we make hence our failure to realize early what makes good sense.

We need therefore always to ask ourselves a fundamental question as we relate and interact with our environment, Does it make sense?
When we get married, we pray to God to bless us with children and we are always very happy when we receive them. The responsibility of looking after them and nurturing them into responsible citizens is a mandatory duty of both the father and mother. But often times some fathers have criminally neglected their role, for example, they do not pay fees and requirements for the children, they don’t provide food, clothing, medical care, love, attention and even minding about the discipline of their children. Therefore, if you are in this category, does it make any sense at all to refer to you as father?

It is very important for the parents to discuss with the child what transpires at school, it is actually a way of monitoring the child’s progress. However, this must be done constructively. Often times parents irresponsibly discuss the teachers, back bite them in a way that is undermining and belittling. Parents, does it make a child excel, grow or improve discipline by showing the child that a teacher is of no value yet he or she is a fellow parent? Children spend most of their time at school with teachers.
Does it make sense to continue sending a child to the teacher you have undermined?

Teachers play a pivotal role in molding and shaping the future of students. They are trained to handle the brains and influencing the children towards what makes sense in life. However, some teachers dodge lessons, don’t mark given work and tests, abuse students calling them fools yet they were trained to eliminate that, have no time for the children, some take advantage of the children to have irresponsible relationships, they are just carrying out a duty but not a service. Therefore, does it make sense to refer to you as a teacher if you are in this category?

A Great teacher is innovative, creative and devises all possible means to survive. However if you teach in various schools “sweeping”, How effective are you in handling all the schools. You may end up being every where but no where. As for the Government, it is clear that no nation can ever be better than its education system. If you want to kill a nation, kill its education system and if you want to kill the education system kill the morale of teachers. If the government doesn’t want to kill Uganda and its education system, priority should be put on the plight of teachers by offering appropriate pay. I would like to thank the parents and teachers who have chosen to do what makes good sense to Mengo Senior School.
The struggle continues…

Mulindwa Sammy Mukasa
Chairman PTA